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Just so we know what we’re searching for, here’s the official definition of the word ghost. Gratefully pilfered from an online dictionary.

ghost (gōst)


  1. The spirit or soul: now only in give up the ghost (to die) and in Holy Ghost
  2. Folklore a dead person’s disembodied spirit, esp. when thought of as appearing to the living as a pale, shadowy apparition
  3. A haunting memory
    1. A faint, shadowy semblance; inkling
    2. A slight trace not a ghost of a chance

Etymology: altered (prob. after Fl gheest) < ME goste < OE gast, soul, spirit, demon, akin to Ger geist < IE base *gheizd-, to be excited, frightened > Sans hēḋ-, to be angry

Got that? Let’s go a-searching then…


Looking For Ghosts

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